Seeds Jewelry exists to produce high quality and unique jewelry with a purpose.  We strive to boldly empower our makers to create the best products possible. We, as a mother and daughter, focus our work on sustainability, while prioritizing full circle relationships with our hard working employees and trusted retailers.

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When creating our jewelry in Minnesota and Haiti, we create with you in mind. We think small, local, and intricately, while producing large quantities of high quality handmade products. Seeds Jewelry sells wholesale to retailers across the United States to ensure we are making the largest impact. We work very closely with our trusted retailers, who believe in the power of art and our story. They care about Haiti, they care about fashion, and they care about the entire creative process from start to finish. 



Seeds Jewelry provides retailers with a unique and beautifully handcrafted piece of jewelry unlike anything they’ve been able to offer customers before. We strive to operate with a full circle mindset. Our company started with a mother-daughter duo who had a dream and a heart to invest in others. When you work with Seeds Jewelry, you’re giving an artist the chance to share his or her story and skill set in a tangible way. As our partner, you enable us to equip small business owners in Haiti with work and continually educate them on new and relevant skill sets. You’re giving others a chance to cultivate dignity and pride through their careers, while developing full circle relationships that last far beyond their workplace.

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